Newly List Smart Token: BSVS (1x short BSV)

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Dear Bithumb Global Users,


Bithumb Global will list BSVS digital asset service on SMART, details are as follows:


Trading will be available onJun 11, 2020 at 10:00(UTC+8) Trading here >>

Trading Pair:  BSVS / USDT


About BSVS:

BSVS(1x short BSV) is a token that seeks an expected return associated with -1 time BSV yield. For example, when BSV falls by 5%, BSVS will rise by 5%; When BSV goes up 3%, BSVS will go down 3%.

The transaction fee for BSVS is 0.1%. At the same time, 0.05% of the total BSVS assets will be charged to the BSVS holders on a daily basis as a management fee.


There are significant risks in trading digital asset. Please know well of Smart Token and consider carefully whether digital assets trading are appropriate to your financial situation.


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Bithumb Global Team

Jun 11, 2020